Alone in Paris

On December 4th I left for Paris to do research for my PhD project (The manuscript I work on happens to be located in the National library there -- lucky, lucky). Being alone is hard for someone who talks as much as I do, but the experience was well worth it! =) 

Here are my favorite solo experiences while away -- if you ever get the opportunity to wander Paris alone, don't hesitate to try one of these: 

1) Sunday mass in Notre Dame. I'm not Catholic, actually, but it was a great way to practice my French, and a really lovely experience. 

2) Wandering through Le Marais - It's such a great area with so much to look at and some fun shopping, so you never feel alone =)  

3) A meal alone. I did this a LOT more than once. At first it felt weird, but by the end of the trip I was really into eating alone. Enjoy a glass of wine for a while before ordering. Then another with the meal. =) Its so nice to eat slowly and enjoy both the meal and your surroundings. The Parisians do this so well. I'm adopting a new policy - Eat slow and drink wine!!! 

4) Wandering the Louvre. Being alone in the Louvre was so peaceful, in spite of the crowds (I went straight for Hammurabi's law code and left the masses to race towards the Mona Lisa -- not as cool, in my opinion). Don't forget Nike of Samothrace, she'll take your breathe away!