My Makeup Wake-Up Call

I've never been a whiz at doing my makeup... just ask any of my friends - though I am really trying to get better (especially before my wedding/wedding festivities)! But, the other day while deciding between one of my five or so eye shadow options, I realized something: two of the options are eye shadows that my mom bought me TEN years ago this May... Hmmmmm.

It's time to get serious about buying some new makeup. I want to keep it simple, but know what's up! I have recently picked up a few items that I love - a Bobbi Brown blush in Pretty Pink (here), and this Chanel lipstick in Rouge Allure (here). I love this one because I've never really worn lip color before, so starting with something soft and feminine feels comfortable.

I'll be sure to share as I discover new and exciting products that work well for me!