Fun in Flares

I wish I could call this post Soccer Ball Chic, but that just wouldn't be very chic of me now, would it? Honestly, Garth and I don't live in the coolest location. We had to move half way between LA and SB in order to accommodate both of our commutes. It's ok, though-- we have fun with it! But, that also means that I can't step out the door and have an awesome backdrop for pictures. 

So, on this particular day we decided to just go to the soccer fields by our place and goof off (you'll notice the jumbo soccer balls in the background of some of these photos). We thought we were pretty funny. Anywayyyysssss, I LOVE that flares are back! I've actually had this mossy green pair by Free People for a couple years now. They're so much fun! And, they really elongate your legs, especially with a pair of chunky heels (and even more so if they're high wasted pants). 

I'm keeping my eye on a few more pairs that look fun. Check them out: 

1) Michael Kors pair, here. (They're newly marked down and I STILL can't afford them, but somebody can)! 

2) Free People high rise in white, here

3) Madewell flares, here

It looks like Justin Bieber isn't welcome at this park..... 

It looks like Justin Bieber isn't welcome at this park.....