Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Because it was SO hot in Florence!

This is another travel post more than anything else. But, do keep reading to find out where you can get the Kate Spade purse I'm holding (on sale for 50% in the 'Spanish Moss' color), as well as the Sam Edelman flats and jean shorts, both on sale right now! 

On our second day in Florence, Garth and I had our wedding ceremony at the top of our hotel, but more on that later. This was day 3 in Florence, and we walked around the entire city from the moment we woke up. 

I love exploring before the crowds get too crazy. We were able to pop into the Palazzo Vecchio and enjoy the interior a bit without tons of other people swarming. 

Early mornings are also the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful treats in all the windows without so many people pushing by... 

So sweet!

So sweet!

Eventually we headed over to the Ponte Vecchio for some morning views, as well, before our ticket time for the Uffizzi Gallery. 

After our morning adventure and several hours in the Uffizi, we took a taxi up to Piazzale Michelangelo. There are fantastic views from up there, but quite honestly, my favorite views were not of the city, but of the old city walls below! 

Instead of taking another taxi down from the Piazzale, we decided to simply wander downhill and find our way through the city. It was a fun adventure, and we got to see things we never would have otherwise. 

Goofing off at the old city gate. 

Goofing off at the old city gate. 

Eventually we made our way to a little craft brew place that Garth's brother found called Archea Brewery (don't worry, we drank our fare share of wine too, but it was fun to find something unique and off the beaten path... and also terrific to have a cold beer in the middle of another brutally hot day). 

And after that cold beer, some Italian snacks, and probablllly a wine stop, too, our energy was back and we were ready for the night! 

(Outfit details: Banana republic Tank, old. Urban Outfitter Shorts, here. Sam Edelman Ballet Flats, here. Kate Spade Crossbody Bag, here).