Harbor Days

If you're ever in Santa Barbara, stop by the Harbor! I love to look at all the sailboats, and find it far less crowded than the pier. 

 I'm actually happiest in jeans and a T-shirt... and in flat shoes. So for this outing, I kept it super simple in just that! 

Citizens for Humanity make some really great jeans - they've always been my favorite brand. But as a PhD student, I don't exactly have the income for a new pair right now. The Banana Republic Factory store has great jeans at low prices. You can now find most factory store items online, including those from the BR factory store, here

This striped shirt is by NSF. Their T-shirts are a tad on the expensive side, but totally comfy if that's what you wanna do! I lucked out and got this one from a friend. 

You can shop similar looks below. And, happy last day of Summer!