One Day in Luxembourg

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg is a lovely, lovely city. It wasn't until some friends invited me for a weekend trip there (while I was staying in Paris) that I ever even considered going. I am so, so happy I decided to go, and if it's not on your list of places to see in Europe, add it! 

We really only had one full day there, but I felt totally satisfied. Here's what we did to make the best of limited time:

-Checked out the city center. It is very pedestrian friendly and particularly clean! 

-Explored Notre-Dame cathedral 

-Headed over to the Monument of Remembrance (someone told us about the great views from the area). Plus, there happened to be a Christmas market when we got there, too!! 

-Finally, we headed to the tourist office and purchased tickets for a 3 hour walking tour. This might sound like a nightmare, but it was great (ok, except for the cold)! The guide walked us through the major sites (which would definitely be a bit challenging to navigate alone).

If you ever do happen to get to Luxembourg enjoy a glass of Crémant, a sparkling wine from the country (yum)!!