Wet Hair Don't Care

You never see a post featuring wet hair... Everyone's hair always looks perfect, which makes me so nervous! Because the truth is, I only love doing my hair sometimes... Sometimes It's just too much effort to blow dry, curl or straighten, etc. etc. I do remember the days when I lived in Chicago, and it just wasn't possible to leave my hair wet in the winter (so I'm sorry if you're in a place where you don't have this luxury year-round). 

But, if you do ever want to head out without all the hair fuss, and you're not in Chicago in the dead of winter, I say just do it! Throw it up in a bun and get on with a good night. NO fuss. Maybe put a casual dress or skirt on to feel a little less guilty...  (and don't blame me if you get sick). 

Anyway, call me lazy, but I'm just being honest. Instagram is filled with perfect hair... but this is what mine looks like a lot of the time. Proud to wear a wet topknot - woop woop!!! 


(Hair, Wet. Sweater, Massimo Dutti. Skirt, Max Studio. Boots, Lucky Brand. Purse, Neiman Marcus Last Call).